VinItaly, the leading international wine and spirits fair held every year in Verona, is an unmissable event for wine lovers. This year was no exception. As a chauffeur-driven transport agency, we had the honour of participating in this iconic event, which is a source of pride for Italy and its wine heritage.

This event involves the entire global wine industry, offering four days dedicated to developing relations between producers, buyers and stakeholders to share experiences and expertise. Vinitaly is also an international benchmark for the wine sector, with an intensive programme of trade fair events, presentations and roadshows abroad.

During the event, we had the pleasure of accompanying selected guests from nationwide wineries, offering them an exclusive and personalised experience. We transported the buyers from the fair to the wineries, creating a unique itinerary that allowed our guests to discover the latest innovations and taste the best of Italian wine production.

VinItaly represents a unique opportunity for industry players to meet key market players and make important deals. We have worked hard to make this event even more special, offering a high-quality transport service and special attention to detail to ensure that every moment is unforgettable.

For us, taking part in VinItaly is an honour and a pleasure, as it represents an opportunity to promote the culture of Italian wine and to make its excellence known to an ever wider public. We are proud to have contributed to making this event even more exclusive and to have created unforgettable memories for our guests.

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